CRAOL - Setting Up A Community Radio Station

Setting up a Community Radio Station is one of the most empowering actions that any community can do.  Its gives a community its own voice and allows a fresh perspective on what is truly important. 

The journey from idea to sustainable community broadcaster is a long one. CRAOL is there to help your group to get there. In doing so, together we play a part in ensuring that every citizen in Ireland will one day be able to participate in and/or listen to a radio station owned and run by their own community, for their community. 

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”  - Mahatma Ghandi

Why set up a community radio?
A Community Radio Station really can make a Difference!

In 2009, CRAOL sampled different existing stations to find out why they run a community station at all – here are some of the answers…

“Our Community Radio Station....
• Underpins all kinds of community activity
• Gives a voice to the rarely heard
• Reinforces identity and builds a sense of place.
• Acts as vital source of information to local people
• Fills a gap that commercials stations aren’t interested in  
• Promotes community development & community expression.
• Facilitates integration
• Gives an airing to music you don’t hear every day
• Provides structured training in communications and IT skills
• Reduces isolation
• Is more than making sure the listener stays until the next Ad Break.
• Values diversity in culture
• Enables unique work-experience opportunities
• Challenges accepted perspectives
• Support businesses in our community
• Raises the profile of different community groups
• Builds confidence in volunteers and gives good skills
• Values what is good in our communities
• Creates communities of active producers (not passive consumers) of media
• Shares knowledge and experience on the airwaves
• Gives communities the  space to tell their own stories
• Is a really enjoyable way to make a difference

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