CRAOL Network Adminstration Area

This section deals with the administration of CRAOL as a co-operative for the benefit of it’s members.
CRAOL aims to be fully transparent and accountable to its membership and to its funders.

This section acts as the organizational memory of CRAOL. It is also used by co-ordinating committee members in preparation for meetings, and by all member in preparation for Forum Meetings, AGMs and EGMs.

How does Craol structure its Agendas?

CRAOL Co-ordinating Committee agendas are structured by the 5 Strategic Activity areas; training, communications, networking, advocacy and governance.

The secretary constructs the agenda in liason with the Chair, inviting suggestions from all participants, before circulation by email at least 3 days before meetings. The expected start time of each activity areas is noted and a timing is given for each agenda item. Each item is noted as being for information/discussion/decision.

11.00 Governance

1.     Election of Officers. (Chair, vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) (Decision) 10 Mins

2.     Financial Report  (Information) 15Mins

3.     Guidelines for Financial Operations ratification (Discussion and Decision) 10 Mins

4.     Amended Standing Orders; Ratification of newly formatted Standing Orders as a result of AGM  motions. (pre circulated for information.) (Decision) 5 Mins

5.     CRAGA funding outcome – update on appeal (Information ) 2 Mins

6.    Sound and Vision Evaluation (For review and decision.) 10 Mins

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Title: CRAOL SR - Craol Forum Meeting Agenda 2008
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Title: CRAOL SR - Craol Agenda Draft Sept 2008
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Title: CRAOL SR - Agenda 26th March 2008
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Title: CRAOL SR - Agenda Creation Collaborative Example March 2008
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