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CRAOL Assistance
An Overview of the CRAOL Assistance Programme

 CRAOL Helpline


Phone: 063 911 01

Have you got a problem or a question? Do you need impartial advice or want to learn from the experience of other community radio stations? 

Running a station? Want to know how other stations have dealt with a problem? Need an example of a policy? Want to know where to source programming or equipment? Need pointers on funding or advice on costs? Struggling on relicensing? Grappling with defining roles and responsibilities? Don’t reinvent the wheel – contact the CRAOL helpline!

Looking to set up a Community Radio Station in Ireland? The CRAOL helpline can assist with advice on first steps and provide resources to assist in taking them.

Whether you are a station manager, chairperson, sub-committee member, volunteer, community development worker, working with a funding agency, a trainer, or just getting started, the CRAOL Helpline is there for you.

Established in August 2007 as part of the CRAOL Assistance programme, the CRAOL helpline has answered over 1000 calls and emails from stations, groups and individuals from all around Ireland.

Helpline Phone hours are generally Monday, Tues and Thursday from 10am-5pm.

Advice can be confidentially provided if requested.


CRAOL Station Visits

CRAOL Station visits commenced in July 2007 under the CRAOL Assistance Programme. By the end of October over 70% of member stations had been visited, many of them more than once.

Under the initiative, CRAOL visits licenced stations throughout Ireland to explore how best CRAOL can be of relevance to its members and to share the experience of members of the network in addressing operational issues at stations. Though generally initiated by CRAOL, requests from member stations are welcomed at any time, simply call the CRAOL Helpline on 063 911 01  or email

Station Visits are generally informal meetings with key members of staff/boards of stations. Where asked, CRAOL representatives have also attended full board meetings to address specific concerns or to answer questions.

Where appropriate CRAOL Station visits have also extended into mentoring in areas of CRAOL expertise. Resources for this level of engagement are limited however and member stations are actively encouraged to participate in the Community Broadcast support Scheme.

CRAOL Station visits can also encompass, if requested, the provision of a CRAOL representative as part of an interview panel for the recruitment of key staff. Such participation is also supported by the recent creation of sample job descriptions, letters of offer, contracts etc for Community Radio Staff under the "CRAOL Shared Resources" (See below for more detail on this).

CRAOL Representatives can also attend open public meetings for groups who have taken out associate membership of CRAOL seeking to set up a new community radio station. Should you wish to avail of the CRAOL Assistance programme in this way please email or call the CRAOL helpline on 087 123 7017.


CRAOL Shared Resources

CRAOL Shared Resources are the gathering of concrete examples of operational best practice from all member stations. Examples of resources range from Computer usage policies to letters of offer for new staff members, training questionnaires to Board structures

Resources are also developed specifically in a response to a query posed to the CRAOL Helpline, so that a specific assistance can provide a general benefit to all members.

Over 60 Resources have already been developed and are available to members along with over 150 funding applications, business plans and worked examples.

Operational Areas with CRAOL Shared Resources developed already are:

  • Board Operations
  • Funding Stations
  • Networking
  • Programming
  • Recruitment and HR
  • Volunteer Development
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Training

It is intended to make all resources developed available through this website over the coming months. If the resource from any of the above areas is not in our resource section please contact the CRAOL Helpline on on 063 911 01  or email


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