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Outline of the Membership Structure of Craol

Full Membership

CRAOL membership comprises of Shareholder (Full) members and Associate Members.

The shareholders (full members ) of CRAOL are the fully licenced stations.  Any station which is granted a full community radio broadcasting licence is automatically entitled to take out a shareholding (25 Euro of Shares) on being granted a full broadcasting licence.

The CRAOL qualifying definition as per our standing orders is:

“Full membership of Craol is open to all BAI licensed Community Radio stations, provided they can demonstrate adherence to the AMARC Charter for Community Radio. They should be able to demonstrate a not-for- profit, democratic ownership model and a commitment to tolerance, free flow of information, editorial independence and seek to honestly inform their listeners on the basis of information drawn from a wide diversity of sources, relevant to their community or community of interest. As per the definition of community radio, adopted by the licensing body (BAI )”


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Associate Membership

Membership of CRAOL is also open to others beyond shareholding ‘Full’ Members. As these members have different rights than full member, they are known as ‘Associate’ members. 

In response to different circumstances in 2007, the single category of associate membership was sub-divided into 4 sub-categories and further sub-divided into 6 sub-categories in 2008. Currently  Associate membership of Craol is available in the following categories;

Associate A – Licensed non Shareholding stations -  Licensed community radio stations which have not taken out shares in Craol.

Associate B – Aspirant Pre-licensed Stations - which have attained Stage 3 on the Craol Development Ladder.

Associate C – Licensed community radio stations - which are members of the Community Media Council.

Associate D – Other community based groups which aspire to a Community Radio Licence which do not currently meet the criteria for Associate A, B or C.

Associate E - Other interested not-for profit organisations which do not currently meet the criteria for Associate A,B,C, or D.

Associate F - Other Interested individuals which do not currently meet the criteria for Associate A,B,C, or D, but with relevant skills or experience beneficial to Craol.

Associate Members Voting Rights:

Members of the Categories B & C, can each collectively nominate one voting representative to the Forum. (i.e. one representative per category) on the understanding that funding made available by the BAI will not be available to them. 

Associate Members A, B, C, D, E & F may be entitled to non-voting attendance at Forum meetings of Craol on the understanding that funding made available by the BAI may not be available to them.


Click here for more detail on 'aspirant' membership categories and the distinction between categories B, D & F. If you would prefer to find out more information on the full entitlements of CRAOL members by category, please click here.


Membership fees for joining CRAOL are currently set at:

Full Membership:                                                         € 150    per annum

Associate Membership Sub-categories A, B, C :                  75    per annum

Associate Membership Sub-categories D, E, F :                   25    per annum

There is a standing order system in place for the payment of Membership Fees for Full members. In 2009 those completing the standing order received a 33% discount on Membership for 2009 as an incentive.


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