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Every week over 2000 Irish Community radio volunteers engage with 307,000 listeners (RedC) in 22 fully licensed stations and a raft of aspirant stations at different stages of development. Community Radio is a rapidly growing broadcasting sector and a force for community development, identity, and expression.

LISTEN TO "A VOICE FOR COMMUNITIES"          The Story of Community Radio in Ireland

Limerick City Community Radio licence starts Jan 31st
Congratulations to Limerick City Community Radio LTD (LCCR) who have been awarded a pilot community radio licence from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). It wil
Community Stations get just 3% of BAI R22 funding award
The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland have released the results of the targeted Education and Animation round of Sound and Vision (Round 22). The Total allocation under
Conference Call for Submissions - Radio Archives
Radio Corax in Germany are looking for submissions from community radio producers in Ireland (and across Europe) to participate in their "Radio Archives in Euro
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