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Every week over 2000 Irish Community radio volunteers engage with 307,000 listeners (RedC) in 22 fully licensed stations and a raft of aspirant stations at different stages of development. Community Radio is a rapidly growing broadcasting sector and a force for community development, identity, and expression.

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Radio allocation drops to 10% of Sound & Vision R21
Round 21 of Sound and Vision Funding for Radio has been announced by the Broadcast Authority and the total award for radio relative to TV continues to drop. This continue
Radio Culture Night in Dublin
In a joint venture, five community radio stations from across Dublin will present live coverage of Culture Night 2014 from BLOCK T in Smithfield on Friday Sept 19th from
Folúntas: Raidio Na Life: Oifigeach Forbartha
Folúntas: Oifigeach Forbartha (Páirtaimseartha)   Fáiltíonn Raidió na Life roimh iarratais don phost thuasluaite.   Beidh
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